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The real concerns about being overweight…..

Being overweight increases your risk of developing serious illness including……


It is an accepted by the medical and health care profession that by reducing our weight and improving our health and wellbeing that we can not only slow down the onset of serious illness but in many cases prevent disease.

So what is going wrong…..?

You’re eating well. You’re exercising almost every day. You’re choosing healthy habits yet the scale barely seems to budge or your weight is  actually increasing. What gives?

Here are some reasons…… Chances are your food portion sizes have crept up or your exercise may not be quite as effective as you think. Maybe you’re stressed to the max.

Some common reasons why people can’t lose weight

  • You eat NUTRIENT POOR highly PROCESSED foods
  • You eat foods high in SATURATED FATS and SUGARS
  • You OVER eat
  • You do LITTLE if any EXERCISE
  • Your life is full of STRESS
  • You don’t drink enough WATER
  • You don’t get enough SLEEP
  • You consume DIET cola’s and use MEAL replacement products


The Weight Loss Industry

Remember this is an industry and many companies will market pretty much anything to get you’re hard earned $$$$’s

The fact is there is no Weight Loss miracle pill, or surgery or tea…….. the secret to sustainable weight loss is to make healthy lifestyle choices which means

  • Eat real whole foods
         control portion sizes
         combine your foods correctly
    don’t skip meals
    don’t drink diet soda
  • Exercise
         engage in moderate exercise that includes both aerobic and anaerobic  elements
  • Stress Management
         take time out to relax every day
  • Supplements
         take a good quality multi-vitamin supplement daily- ask your healthcare practitioner for assistance
  • Drink Water – H2O
  • Get at least 6 hours restful sleep every night