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Your JHS Weight Management Solution is delivered in 3 stages


Achieving your weight and wellbeing goals. This is where we focus on achieving your goals through the use of…….

Personalized Eating Plans

Designed specifically for you we determine the best mix of Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats and Fluids. As you progress through your program we carefully monitor your progress and adjust your eating plan to suit your progress


Stress Management

You are given access to our unique stress reduction audio program designed to help you not only de-stress but remain motivated to stay on your program


Exercise is an important part of your program and we have a series of exercise programs for you to follow these are found in the members area



It is our belief that it is important to provide the body with certain specific nutritional and dietary supplements to assist your body to become healthy and increase your vitality. We therefore prescribe for you certain nutritional supplements to help you achieve your goals

Stage Two – Transition

As you reach you weight goals we begin to transition you from the weight loss program into maintenance this phase take about 4 weeks and ensure that you are on the right balance of foods to maintain your weight

Stage Three – Balance For Life

Following on from transition you will receive personal balance for life program which will guide you through making the right lifestyle choices to help maintain the new you