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About Gary,

When choosing a Healthcare Practitioner it is important to know they have the experience and training needed to care for you and your family

I studied in the United States at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder Colorado. Since graduating as a Naturopath, Master Iridologist and Master Herbalist  I went on to complete post graduate studies in CranioSacral Therapy, Orthomolecular Microscopy and Hypnotherapy. In addition to my clinical experience I have also spent more then 15 years in the field of healthcare research and development.

In order to give you the best care possible I combine latest technologies in health assessment with a very traditional Naturopathic approach to treatment. My philosophy is to initially focus on your diet and lifestyle habits and then incorporate the use of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and homeopathic medicine where warranted. It is important to understand that Psychological / Mental health is critical aspect on your journey to wellbeing and your healing process. To that end, I regularly incorporate Hypnotherapy into client treatment plans.

On a personal note, I have a special interest in the fields of Spinal Injury, Chronic Pain Management, Weight Loss and Nutritional and Metabolic Profiling.

Regarded as an expert in the fields of Nutritional and Metabolic Profiling and Weight Management, I am regularly asked to present at conferences and seminars both in Australia and internationally. 

I  am a published author and have written numerous books  focusing on various health topics. I have also recorded a range of guided Hypnosis audio programs.

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Professional Affiliations

  • Fellow and Life Member of The International Alternative Medical Association
  • Fellow and Life Member of The Australasian Federation of Natural Therapists
  • Fellow of The College of Orthomolcular Micrsocopy
  • Life Member of The American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists
  • Member International Institute of Complementary Therapists